BlueVine Business Checking – My Review So Far

If anyone reading this was using Azlo, you are probably saddened by the news as well that they closed their bank. I thought they had a beautiful thing going with their business checking and I have been a customer for quite a long time.

I use my business bank account primarily for my day-to-day minor business expenses and my trading profit deposits from my Forex corporate account at Oanda. I was a little worried when switching banks.

I read a lot of reviews online about BlueVine once I signed up. So far though, they have been a great bank to work with. I will update this post weekly about how it’s going in order to help anyone considering opening a business checking account at BlueVine.

So far, my experience has been world-class with an instant approval and business checking account access.

I ordered checks and my card was already shipped the same day that I opened my account. They definitely give off a ton of positive vibes, and I am excited to do business with them for a really long time. It’s good to have a bank you can trust.

From some reviews I read, certain accounts were put on hold or even closed for “suspicious activity.” I believe that the main reason this may be happening that people aren’t uploading any supporting docs on the Home Screen of the checking account home page, and just letting their accounts sit once they are opened.

That’s just a guess though.

It does sound from some reviews like their customer service is swamped. This is totally expected because we are in the middle of a pandemic, and I’m sure they have a ton of people coming over from Azlo as well. I mean, people are upset they have to wait on hold for a little while – it’s not that big of deal to wait, and we should all be grateful that company’s like BlueVine exist to provide us with service.

I am very happy with BlueVine already! I really hope that there are no issues with my account (maybe just paranoid), and like I said above, I will keep this post updated.

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