How To Create Massive Results In Your Online Business Or While Selling Coconuts On The Beach

Every story has a point. When you are telling stories either online, on a blog, or in real life, plan them out. Tell them like you are telling it to someone you care about, even if you have no idea it is you are speaking to. Speak from your heart and be authentic.

Make sure when telling your stories whether it is to sell something or create a following or just to share it with a stranger, include an emotional point. Include a natural flow to help people want to hear or read until the end of the story. When you get to an emotional point in a story, change the subject just a little bit, but then return to the story. This is a natural flow of conversation, and keeps people listening.

Natural flows include adding details, saying things that require them to search for the root. What’s the root? Like if I were to say, “Whatever you do, don’t think about the skin on your shoulders.” You’re naturally inclined to DO the opposite, and think about the skin on your shoulders. These types of things draw the listener in. Tell them what to do next in threes. It will help them to assemble a talk list in their mind.

If you are selling something, this is extremely important. For instance, you would not just tell them to go and put their email in. You would tell them to go to the website and wait for it to load. When it’s loaded, notice the email box. Put your email in the box and hit the submit button.

After that, you’ll be redirected to a video that you can watch. See how much more guided that is instead of just, “Enter your email on my website?” So the takeaway here is when you are telling stories they should always have a point, keep people interested by including root-seeking phrases, and make sure they know what to do at the end of the story.

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