Sun-Charged Water and Why I Drink It

Have you ever noticed that when you drink extra water in a day, your memory increases like tenfold? I have. I’ve also noticed that in the morning when I do sun-gazing, I’m left with a feeling of infinite intelligence. Like, when I’m done staring at the sun for a while (before it’s too far overhead), I feel like I can conquer anything. Have you ever noticed this or even tried it?

I decided to combine these two wild occurrences in nature and started leaving out mason jars full of water in the sun before I consume them. The result? My personal opinion, is that not only am I helping my body in so many unknown ways, I’m actually downloading information from the sun at the same time. Why do I say this?

There was recently a study done about water memory. The scientists took a small glass of water in a controlled environment, placed a purple flower in it, and then removed it. They then studied the droplets of water with a microscope. They could see a special shape in the water. They then tried it again with different types of flowers, and guess what? The water, even after the flower had been removed, had stored an image of what it saw. Thus, water has memory.

Because of this, I put two and two together and started placing my jars of water outside in the sunlight in hopes to gather information from the sun. Weird? I don’t know, what do you think?

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